EDITORIAL – Involvement of the Policemen in Crime


NOTE: This article is for “practice writing” purposes only.

For several years, the crime rate of the country is proving to be a mystery to be solved by our police. It may seem like the situation is on a state of changing dramatically for the worse.

In a research made available online, when countries are compared according to crime level, the Philippines is ranked #72 out of 93. This means that we are better than 71 other countries. But does this mean we are really improving?

Recently, the Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested, with the help of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC), a wanted kidnapper has been at large since 2003. It was up to the Philippine National Police to have taken earlier actions, but because with other cases and inevitable criminal activity it seemed to have delayed the process.

The PNP has been criticized consecutively for unruly acts done by previous and present policemen. With recent reports about policemen abusing their power, this leaves Filipinos questioning their safety. Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II expressed his concern for the people and the PNP, fearing that abuse of power might take a big effect on the innocent, “Pinagkakatiwalaan natin sila dahil may uniporme, baril, chapa at lahat ng kagamitan. Eh kung masama ang balak nila, dehado talaga ang inonsenteng sibilyan,” says Roxas.

Lately, 8 policemen were allegedly accused of abduction and a robbery and the cycle does not end here. Does this justify the fact that the policemen nowadays are the ones protecting us or are the ones causing the crimes themselves? Although we cannot base a whole system by a few wrong doers, it leaves us with doubts.