The Sims 3 University

I’m sure none of you know that nowadays, I’ve indulged myself in playing The Sims 3. And yes, I know the Sims 4 is already out but I just couldn’t help posting this. I guess it all started around February when my old Sims feels started attacking my mind. So I decided to watch some youtubers (Pointless blog with Zoella anyone?) play the Sims 3 themselves thinking I would enjoy it as much as I did before. And needless to say, I felt the nostalgia of playing Sims (when I was younger) and decided to buy the base game.

If you haven’t played Sims before, the base game will be enough to keep you addicted to it for around a couple of days (perhaps maybe a week) but once you’ve gotten tired of the same old routine and have been playing for as long as I have, that’s when you start wanting more.

Now, being an old time Sims fan I started off with the base game and soon I got tired of it. I wanted more. So, I went on Youtube and searched for one of my favorite Sims players, LifeSimmer I started watching some of her “Let’s Plays” and I guess the LPs that got me hooked on watching until their last episodes were Showtime and University… so that’s when I chose to go out and buy University.


Sims University is amazing! Although University’s schedule is enough to keep your Sims busy with studying (and possibly making cheat sheets!) it will never cease to fail with keeping you hooked up on it!

There are a couple of dozen new clothes from this expansion pack and a lot of new actions that come along. There’s an all new smart phone that allows your Sim (with the help of the Jock influence) to take selfies and with your lover, romantic photos!

There is also the infamous photobooth where your Sims can take adorable photos to hilarious ones. The Sims University also comes with PlantSims and hilarious mascots. You can choose to join Sororities and Fraternities too. And sometimes live in a dormitory (beware of annoying Sims you just want to fricking kick out) if you’re brave enough.

Of course, there are a lot of parties going around too! With streaking, juice kegger stands, online blogging, graduation, cheat sheets and large crazy bonfires, Sims University will keep you on the screen for hours.

My Sims; Bambi Hart, the jock, and Aerith Burrow, the nerd.

Bambi Hart

Aerith Hansen


Beauty Haul: Asian Products! ☑

Hi again! So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about making a new post and this was one of my ideas. I wanted to show you guys some of my beauty products which are products that are mostly found on Asian countries. I’m also not one hundred percent sure if these items can be found globally but I still really wanted to do this because I haven’t seen much of these hauls. I selected some of my favorite products from my everyday routines because I absolutely love them. Although these aren’t my images (kudos to the orignial owners) I promise to start uploading my own images soon and their online shops are links below. Enjoy!

AC Clinic Daily – Etude House
This is my favorite set out of the collection which was originally bought from a Korean store, Etude House. Etude can be found all around Asia and if you have an Etude where you live, I really recommend checking them out!

This anti-acne cream and red spot balm (my favorite from the two) is something I recommend one hundred percent.

☑ Etude House

Clear Solutions – PONDS
One of the most effective products in my collection yet! Clear Solutions is definitely an award winner and can lessen your irritating spots in three days! It’s anti bacterial with herbal clay and is effective when it comes to dirt, oil, and mak-up from deep inside pores. This product is mainly produced in Indonesia but is super big in the Philippines.

Flawless White BB Cream – PONDS
This comes super handy when it comes to blemishes and damaged skin! Although it’s not the BB Cream I use on a routine, it’s definitely effective and helpful. It also has a SPF 30 PA++ protection, no more worrying about those nasty harmful Sun rays!


Cream Shampoo – Watsons
Watsons is a department store which is loved here in Asia. They have websites that assist you on your specified country as well! I’ve only just started using their new shampoo which comes in different scents and colors. With its different purposes, your hair will surely heal from it’s damage. I got the frangipani and egg profein scented one which is for normal to oily hair. It smells amazing and has vitamins which keeps my hair nourished and protected from sun damage and pollution.

Singapore: http://www.watsons.com.sg/websg/Home.do
Philippines: http://www.watsons.com.ph/webph/Home.do
Malaysia: http://www.watsons.com.my/

Lulur Whitening Body Scrub – Asian Secrets
Now don’t get me wrong with a whitening scrub, I love my skin, but trust me, once you get it on your skin it feels amazing! Results take time but it’s cream and texture on your skin leaves it glowing and soft. Lulur Whitening Body Scrub was intended to replicate what Indonesian princess or brides used to get their skin beautiful. Who says we can’t have a little pampering ourselves?

So that’s about it! I hope you guys enjoyed that and if you ever stop by a shop and at least see one of these items, please leave an opinion. What do you think about these products? Any favorites?


This is a very rushed post from Via IPad and if you are wondering why, it is because I haven’t finished my homework and my mother thinks I am doing it at this moment.

I have Fashion classes in around three hours and my procrastinating self has decided to take over my brain. I should be finishing my homework because being the lazy person that I am, I didn’t do it within the week and rather.. the night and morning before.
Don’t blame me! When you are a procrastinator, you think that you can do it in the last few hours or minutes that you have and when you know you can’t.. you cram it all. 
To be honest, I know it isn’t good for me because lately I have experienced three panic attacks. I am not going to mention the reasons why because thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. But right now, I should be doing my work.. but noooo I decided to post how much of a procrastinator I am. Imagine me during school days.
But oh my gosh, I’m going to be punished by this force that punishes procastinators because I’m sure there is this force that sees you procastinating and thinks, “Oh! Procrastinating again are we? Let’s see you procastinating with this–” And poof. Something goes wrong. I am already ready for what is about to come and I am trying to keep my panic attacking self stay calm. 
I’ve been procrastinating since I started High School and it’s been going well.. Until the last four months of school something was wrong. I got a panic attack, oh joy. Since then, I started being very picky on what to procrastinate about which sometimes does not help because I get jumpy or I get this adrenaline. 
But you know I should really stop typing and get to work because look how much I have to do (I have four more to go);

The Fashion Institute of The Philippines

The Fashion Institute of The Philippines

I know I promised a post about my summer classes in the Fashion Institute, but I’ve been a bit busy. Instead, here’s a master post (master picture anyway) of how the second floor classroom looks like. This is where we design our clothes, get inspired and just talk about whatever topic we can think of. Be it models, fashion deisgners or cloth. I’m a lot younger than all of them seeing I took a college course, but they all treat me equally and they have welcomed me like family even if I started a day late. I had a great time with them and today is our last meeting. It’s sad yes, but it’s the end of another chapter. Although next summer, a friend and I are planning to take the advance course since we were able to complete the basics.

The Fashion Institute has expanded my range of designing clothes which I hope one day, can become a great help to me.

This is all I have to say for now, and I am planning to put my designs and drawings here although I am not so sure.. Thoughts?

One more time?

You know that feeling you get when you read through your old posts? You feel embarrassed, flustered and angered at the same time. It’s quite strange actually. Really strange. You feel nostalgia and you can recall all the memories and all the things that had past through your mind the moment you wrote them all. You get this kind of oh-god-why feeling, as if you absolutely hated what you had posted and you want nothing more but to go back in time and give your past self a big, “Stop right there. You’re doing it all wrong.”. But when you read them over and over, and you notice all your mistakes and all the weird terms you used in the past, you can’t help but notice how much you’ve changed.

I used to not care about what I looked like. I used to not bother on what people thought about me. I used to not wish for a better life with a good body and a great height. I used to not care. I was carefree and I didn’t let anybody stop me. What happened?

I read through my old posts again and I fought the urge to delete them all. How could I? I knew it myself that I didn’t want to delete them. You know, it’s quite weird once you read through your old posts and you notice how much of a carefree person you were before. I give props to my old self about that. 

But I got interested again, and I thought.. What a waste would it be if I actually deleted these all! So I’ve decided to keep this blog alive by writing more and I’m planning to stay this time. I’m also planning to not delete my old posts, just to see my writing development and read through them again after a year. So I’m back. 🙂 Xx

I’m back. ;)

Hey guys. I’m back. And as usual, I’m here to take up as much time you have as possible. If I could, because I could take a lot if you guys would let me. 

As you know, I’m still thinking about thoughts to write or jot down here. So, it would take some time before anything exciting happens. Don’t get me wrong, there has been A LOT happening lately that includes Tumblr, Twitter and One Direction. But aside from that, nothing else in reality has happened.  

Well, years have passed since I wrote here, and judging by the posts I’ve made years ago, from my perspective, I changed. A LOT. Well, obviously since.. well, I’m growing up. But all in all I’m still the girl who fears of growing up too soon.

As you know, I play the guitar now. It all started with me becoming a fan of Taylor Swift. I adored her. And like any young girl with her impression of her favorite celebrity, I bought EVERY magazine that had her face in it. So, rummaging around a convenient store, I found that she had her own magazine. And obviously, as being the money waster that I am, I bought it without knowing what fate had set upon me. My sister had a guitar which she played from time to time. So when I found the chords in a page of the magazine I got inspired by her story. And yes, I got addicted to playing with the guitar. 🙂

Well.. I’m not going to jot down everything in this single post even if it is so short. Yet, I’m going to unravel all my little stories in different posts (Especially on One Direction).  So I hope you could stay and read my stories as I rant them to you. Enjoy. 🙂 Xxx