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The Sims 3 University

I’m sure none of you know that nowadays, I’ve indulged myself in playing The Sims 3. And yes, I know the Sims 4 is already out but I just couldn’t help posting this. I guess it all started around February when my old Sims feels started attacking my mind. So I decided to watch some youtubers (Pointless blog with Zoella anyone?) play the Sims 3 themselves thinking I would enjoy it as much as I did before. And needless to say, I felt the nostalgia of playing Sims (when I was younger) and decided to buy the base game.

If you haven’t played Sims before, the base game will be enough to keep you addicted to it for around a couple of days (perhaps maybe a week) but once you’ve gotten tired of the same old routine and have been playing for as long as I have, that’s when you start wanting more.

Now, being an old time Sims fan I started off with the base game and soon I got tired of it. I wanted more. So, I went on Youtube and searched for one of my favorite Sims players, LifeSimmer I started watching some of her “Let’s Plays” and I guess the LPs that got me hooked on watching until their last episodes were Showtime and University… so that’s when I chose to go out and buy University.


Sims University is amazing! Although University’s schedule is enough to keep your Sims busy with studying (and possibly making cheat sheets!) it will never cease to fail with keeping you hooked up on it!

There are a couple of dozen new clothes from this expansion pack and a lot of new actions that come along. There’s an all new smart phone that allows your Sim (with the help of the Jock influence) to take selfies and with your lover, romantic photos!

There is also the infamous photobooth where your Sims can take adorable photos to hilarious ones. The Sims University also comes with PlantSims and hilarious mascots. You can choose to join Sororities and Fraternities too. And sometimes live in a dormitory (beware of annoying Sims you just want to fricking kick out) if you’re brave enough.

Of course, there are a lot of parties going around too! With streaking, juice kegger stands, online blogging, graduation, cheat sheets and large crazy bonfires, Sims University will keep you on the screen for hours.

My Sims; Bambi Hart, the jock, and Aerith Burrow, the nerd.

Bambi Hart

Aerith Hansen


The Capybara

Being a weird girl, my love for animals has a wide range. 

My desire on having pets have expanded to animals that freak my mom out.Yes, one example is the exotic shorthair cat. My mom still thinks the cat scares her, but one day I will get one. 

Well, being on Tumblr, it’s hard not to find animal GIFs and photos, and because of this I found another animal that I fell in love with, the Capybara. The Capybara is one of the largest extant rodents in the world and it is related to the Guinea Pigs. My mom always thought I was weird, but when I showed her a GIF of the Capybara and some images she thought I lost my mind. 

The first time I laid eyes on the Capybara I had no idea of it’s species. So, I was thrilled when I read that the Capybara could be kept as a pet! Imagine having my non-existent Exotic Shorthair Cat and my non-existent Capybara walking around the house together! ♥ 

I won’t deny that I’m a weird girl that has weird taste on pets and animals. But look at this photo of the Capybara and try to tell me it’s not adorable.



The Exotic Shorthair Cat

I haven’t been much of a cat person since my old cat, Richard scratched me on the leg when I was about three to five. Since then, I’ve been more of a dog person, having two golden retrievers and a black Labrador. But growing up, I started getting used to having to see cats everywhere. Back in the firing range there is this cat I feed, and I call him, “Chippy” or “Chips” since that’s what I feed him. But anyway, looking for more things to post on my Tumblr, I decided to search on the tag, #Cats. And coincidentally, I found a post on a cat breed that I got intrigued by.

The Exotic Shorthair Cat, I instantly fell in love with the cat and decided to find more images. Learning that the Exotic Shorthair is a calm cat, I’ve been wanting one ever since the end of last year.

more info on the Shorthair Cat [here].
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Adventure Time. :))

What time is it? Adventure Time!
This is one of the best cartoons I’ve seen so far. I started watching this show two months ago, and I LOVE it. It’s the first thing I want to watch when I turn the T.V on. ❤
One of the reasons why I love this show is because it’s random and fun. I feel nine years old again.

The show is about Finn the human, a 13 year old boy and his friend, Jake the dog. Basically they live in the land of Ooo, doing random things and saving princesses from the Ice King. The characters in this show are hilarious along with their funny quotes and characteristics.

Unlike some shows, Adventure Time doesn’t have a main plot, so everything is random.
(images belong to respective owners) :3




This is a Dollfie.

My sister, Annika, is a very big “Otaku”, meaning, “Anime Lover”. And she showed me this site where they sell these dolls called Dollfies. People might think they are just regular dolls like Barbie or Bratz, but what I love about Dollfies is that they have big eyes and beautiful hair. ♥
This is Sara. She is my favorite. :3 (images belongs to respective owners)



To order one you can either click the photos above, or click here! ♥


I have planned I will think about a math questionnaire and i will post it here and whoever could answer first and posted the correct answer he will be able to get a reward which is a www.glittergraphic.com award and you will be named in my posts! Here is the question i got from my math book i got a perfect here so you must too!so here is question 1:

What is the volume of a box that measures 26cm long, 3cm wide, and 15cm high?

the reward will be for the first person to answer the correct answer is this:

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