About Me

Hello. I’m Angela, fifteen and a senior.

I hate descriptions, or bios, or anything to do with writing something about myself, because I’m oddly plain and very uninteresting. I read everything; from books, to comics, to fanfiction. Possibly anything and everything.

And I guess I write (which must be obvious since I run this blog). I love music in different archives and genres.

Angela Marionne. I’m fourteen years old and I’m quite strange.

My mind works differently. I see what I want to see and I find art in everything. I love finding beauty in ugly and mistakes in perfection. I like boys who do ballet and girls who can skate board. I’m different and unique in a way and I look up to Demi Lovato. One Direction and Cody Simpson are big parts of my life as well.

God fearing and a flower child. Hello there lovely. xx



All about me? Let’s just say I’m a crazy thirteen year old waiting for her turn to shine in life. I’m a Directioner, and forever will be. I love One Direction with all my heart, no matter how old I get or no matter where I am.

I also like listening to Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift. I love Cher’s fashion and Taylor inspired me to play the guitar.

I admit that I could get weird sometimes.
I got SWAG. Fashion is my thing and so is photography. I play the guitar and the piano. I draw too.
But all in all, I’m an adventurer. ♥

I live in Narnia, I study at Hogwarts, went to Camp Half Blood, and fought in the Hunger Games. Need I say more? I’m a ninja. I’ll keep dreaming. Forever. Beyond the stars. Infinity. Angela. ∞


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