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The Mayor Talks Fatherhood

cg_timesWaiting outside the mayor’s office, I saw how buzzing it was. I came straight from my high school class and it was already the few minutes before the end of a day’s work, but truly, he is a very busy man still to keep his appointments with many people waiting in line to meet with him.

So when it was finally my time and I entered his office, I was a bit worried that he would already be tired and worn out. Yet amazingly I was greeted by a very friendly and smiling Honorable Mayor Oscar Moreno. Despite being the leader of a busy city, he was very willing to step out of his “pure government business” position for a couple of minutes to sit and talk about his views on fatherhood.

So I started with
Q: Aside from being the Father of Cagayan de Oro City, you are also a father. How many children do you have and what are their ages?

Mayor Moreno: “I have three children; the eldest is Sean Oliver and he is 38. The second is Imee Rose, 36, who was named after Imelda, her maternal lola and Milagros, her paternal lola. And then the third one is Oscar Jr. and he’ll be 34.” The Mayor was slowly speaking, giving me time to write and even spelling out the names so I can get them correctly.

Q: What is your most vivid memory of being a father? What are the moments with your family you hold most precious?

Mayor Moreno: “My most vivid memory as a father is of course the graduations and looking at your children happy… conquering themselves. And of course, enjoying each other’s company. I think my precious moments with my family are the holidays: Christmases, New Years, birthdays, anniversaries…”

I want to also have an idea of the mayor as a child, so I asked
Q: What is the name of your father? What is your most vivid memory of your father?

Mayor Moreno: “Emeterio Sr. When he would attend to his patients; he was a rural doctor. I could see how committed he was, attending to his barrio patients.”

Q: Was becoming a lawyer- then a governor and a mayor- the dream of your father for you?

Mayor Moreno smiled and answered: “I don’t know, but I’m sure he just wanted me to succeed. I failed him in my younger days and he was quite frustrated but I tried to make up to him. And I think he was happy with what I have been but I could sense his disappointment when I got married immediately after graduation.” [laughs]

Q: As the Mayor of the city, what programs do you have for the young children of Cagayan de Oro to help them have a better future?

The government servant within the father came out and Mayor Moreno said excitedly: “Education, Education, Education. What we’re doing is addressing the annex high school problems. We’re coming up with separate and independent campuses for the annex high schools. The barangays wanted to have their own high schools so hopefully they will have their own building and they will no longer be using the facility of the elementary schools. I hope to relieve the congested schools. I want to address the education of the young, because education cannot be compromised.”


I knew I could not stay long as much as I wanted so I asked him a little personal question.

Q: Mayor, you have a daughter. As a father, how did you react towards suitors? What is your most important advice to young girls like me?

Mayor Moreno smiled: “Of course, I did not resent suitors. I wasn’t against my daughter being courted because it was part of growing up. And what’s important was she grew up normally, and that’s all that mattered. So my advice for younger girls is grow normally. Grow as normally as you can. And of course, it’s not unusual to have your first crush, or your first love, but do not engage in activities that are beyond normal boundaries. Grow normally and don’t forget the boundaries.”

So knowing that my time was up, here was my final question.
Q: What are your tips for fathers like you? Any Do’s and Don’ts you want to share with them?

The Mayor, in his wisdom, said: “I’m not a perfect father, I’ve had my mistakes and how I wished I could have done better. So I guess my advice to other fathers is: Don’t lose your patience”. [laughs]

I laughed with him and then thanked him for his time. Getting ready to leave his office, and holding on to my clipboard with questions and notes, I heard him remark, “You ask very mature questions.” I just smiled because actually I was nervous with my first interview. Well, Mister Mayor, thank you for sharing with us and allowing us this chance to get to know you on a special level. The very best of Father’s Day to you! 



Date Published: June 09, 2014 Mindanao Daily


Manila Southwoods dominates the 22nd LUZVIMIN Golf Tournament, with Annika Cedo, Sunshine Baraquiel, Ma. Sofia Chabon, and Sophia Ysabel Blanco bringing home the crown of the Diamond Division with 622 points.

As the annual tournament of the Women’s Golf Association of the Philippines (WGAP) comes to a close, the battle between the ladies of Villamor and Del Monte for the second rank has been intense. Harmie Constantino and Chanelle Avaricio led the Pasay-based team to a two-point win (574 pts) against the home favourite Del Monte group (572 pts) with Pamela Mariano and Rainstar Roque heading the pack.

Lorenz Kayla Nocum and the ladies of Valley 1 (501 pts) grasp the prize for the Emerald Division, with Forest Hills (496 pts) as runner-up. Virgie Hermiston’s Davao City (443 pts) triumph in the Ruby Division, followed by the ladies of Valley 2 (426 pts).

Del Monte keeps local pride alive when two players are declared champions in the individual category: Pamela Mariano (Championship flight) and Annika Michelle Mendoza (Class A).

Harmie Constantino from the Villamor team bags the overall top award for the individual game. Meanwhile, Belinda del Rosario of Valley 2 wins in Class B and Rose Sara of Davao City in Class C.

Pueblo de Oro Golf & Country Club hosts the golf invitational, which rotates around the various courses in the country, encouraging camaraderie and friendly competition among lady golfers. Usually the tournament is held in August, but this year the WGAP decided to conduct it in early June and the decision has paid off.

“We have a good turnout,” said Marissa Romano, WGAP President. “The weather has been perfect and the ladies are having a very wonderful experience here at Cagayan de Oro City.”


Date Published: June 07, 2014 Mindanao Daily

wgap day1

Manila Southwoods takes the lead of the WGAP 22nd Infinity Luzvimin Golf Championships this June 4-6 at the Pueblo De Oro Golf and Country Club. Philippine top lady amateur golfers Sunshine Baraqueil, Sofia Chabon, Sophia Blanco and Annika Cedo together bring in a total two-day score of 414 to earn the Manila Southwoods a sure lead in the Class A Pearl Division on the first day and second day of the competition.

Hot on their trail for second place are the Del Monte ladies, led by Pamela Mariano, with a two-day total score of 382. Close on their heels is Harmie Constantino’s Villamor team with 372 total points.

In the meantime, scores for Day 1 of the Class B Emerald Division show Valley Golf I leading over Negros Occidental, while Manila Southwoods II and Forest Hills tied at 3rd place. The players of Valley Golf II top in the Class C Ruby Division, while Davao City and Alabang run at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Luzvimin Golf Tournament is a three-day event played this year in Cagayan de Oro City. It was launched by the Women’s Golf Association of the Philippines in 1993 to reach out to the other players in the Southern area of the country. Twenty-one years and tournaments later, it continues to promote women’s golf and the development of Filipina golfers.

Cagayan de Oro to host WGAP Championships


by Angela Marionne Mendoza Published June 02, 2014. Mindanao Daily

Pueblo de Oro Golf Club officially hosts this year’s 2014 Infinity Luzvimin Golf Tournament organized by the Women’s Golf Association of the Philippines (WGAP).
This coming June 4 to 6, a total of 30 teams from all over the Philippines has been set to join, including the Del Monte and the Pueblo de Oro Golf Ladies Team representing Northern Mindanao.

Del Monte competes in the Class A Diamond Division, led by Team Captain Starlyn Roque and top local amateur Pamela Mariano. They will also be joined by Rainstar Roque, Annika Michelle Mendoza, Martina Miñoza and Rhea Mae Langgamin.
Pueblo Ladies Golf will be led by Anna Roa and Nimfa Sasaki and will compete in the Pearl Division.

2013 Champion Villamor Ladies Golf Team will also be present to defend their title, where the group fend off the ladies of Manila Southwoods during last year’s Luzvimin Golf Invitational tournament at the Bacolod Golf & Country, Hacienda Binitin, Murcia, Negros Occidental.

Other teams who will be competing in this year’s tournament are Manila Southwoods, Bacolod, Manila Golf, Alabang, Riviera, Negros, Davao City Golf, Forest Hills, Apo Golf, Sta. Elena, Camp Aguinaldo, Ilo-Ilo, Valley Golf and Baguio.

mdn_1_06022014Published June 02, 2014. Mindanao Daily First write-up