Month: June 2013


This is a very rushed post from Via IPad and if you are wondering why, it is because I haven’t finished my homework and my mother thinks I am doing it at this moment.

I have Fashion classes in around three hours and my procrastinating self has decided to take over my brain. I should be finishing my homework because being the lazy person that I am, I didn’t do it within the week and rather.. the night and morning before.
Don’t blame me! When you are a procrastinator, you think that you can do it in the last few hours or minutes that you have and when you know you can’t.. you cram it all. 
To be honest, I know it isn’t good for me because lately I have experienced three panic attacks. I am not going to mention the reasons why because thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. But right now, I should be doing my work.. but noooo I decided to post how much of a procrastinator I am. Imagine me during school days.
But oh my gosh, I’m going to be punished by this force that punishes procastinators because I’m sure there is this force that sees you procastinating and thinks, “Oh! Procrastinating again are we? Let’s see you procastinating with this–” And poof. Something goes wrong. I am already ready for what is about to come and I am trying to keep my panic attacking self stay calm. 
I’ve been procrastinating since I started High School and it’s been going well.. Until the last four months of school something was wrong. I got a panic attack, oh joy. Since then, I started being very picky on what to procrastinate about which sometimes does not help because I get jumpy or I get this adrenaline. 
But you know I should really stop typing and get to work because look how much I have to do (I have four more to go);

The Fashion Institute of The Philippines

The Fashion Institute of The Philippines

I know I promised a post about my summer classes in the Fashion Institute, but I’ve been a bit busy. Instead, here’s a master post (master picture anyway) of how the second floor classroom looks like. This is where we design our clothes, get inspired and just talk about whatever topic we can think of. Be it models, fashion deisgners or cloth. I’m a lot younger than all of them seeing I took a college course, but they all treat me equally and they have welcomed me like family even if I started a day late. I had a great time with them and today is our last meeting. It’s sad yes, but it’s the end of another chapter. Although next summer, a friend and I are planning to take the advance course since we were able to complete the basics.

The Fashion Institute has expanded my range of designing clothes which I hope one day, can become a great help to me.

This is all I have to say for now, and I am planning to put my designs and drawings here although I am not so sure.. Thoughts?

Interested in selling clothes..

Because I’ve been looking around lately and I’ve seen a lot of people do it. The question is if I am capable to do it because in my country, school’s coming soon. I guess online selling would work but I’m not sure if most people would purchase items.

My idea is starting small, like only around the city, and then expand to other places when I have enough money to do it.

You see, it’s my dream to put up a Boutique or have my own Designer’s Line. It really is. Along with bags and perfumes. My parents are supportive and they sent me to a fashion school for the summer where I take basic fashion courses but I guess I’m getting out of topic.

My mother said there is this thing called marketing, where you promote the store by showing off their clothes, but I’m not quite sure.

But nevertheless, I’m still unsure about this.

Anyway! I totally forgot about updating this blog more often and I’m going to start keeping up with that promise. So I guess that’s about it. I’m going to posting soon about my experience on the Fashion Institute and if possible, I’m going to post some of my works. Bye. xxx