Month: April 2012


Guess who made her account on Pottermore today? This girl. 😉
and I got sorted into SLYTHERIN! (yesss with Draco Malfoy!) ♥
My sister and parents said I belonged there anyway. And I am BEYOND happy!

WAND : Dragon Core

So yeaaah. That’s about it for today. adios. ;3


Absolute want? A Dolly Bow.

I don’t know if you guys heard of a Dolly Bow. But it’s a big bow that you could wear on top of your head. It’s kind of like a head band or a hair clip.

So, I’ve been in love with this bow for a week now, and I’ve been thinking about getting one.
The reason why I found this bow entertaining? Well.. I found them adorable when Cher was wearing them! I searched more images about this item, and I found them ADORABLE. (images belong to respective owners) 🙂



My mom promised we’d go looking for some and my sister said she’d find someone who sells those. And if we can’t find anything, I’m thinking of making one. Or just get a headband with a ribbon on it. (But that won’t just do, wouldn’t it?) :3

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I’m planning to have a new hair cut.. Here are some of my dream hair-dos. :3

Hello again! I’m becoming addicted to posting new things since it’s been long since I’ve posted.
Somehow, I feel like making this blog live longer since I love writing.

So anyway, School is approaching this June and my hair has grown longer (and some how boring-ish already.. Is that a word?) So.. I’ve been wanting a new hair-do since last month. I’ve selected a few images of the hairstyles I’ve been thinking about.. (images belong to respective owners) 😉

Cher Lloyd’s “With Ur Love” – I really like it, but with my school’s rules I know this isn’t going to work since I’d have to shave a porion of my hair. 😦


I’m in love with that hair style, but either way, I might get this do (I love this one too and there’s a high chance of me getting my hair this way) :


Except not blond.. Well you get the picture. anyway.. What do you think of me with red hair?! :O
HAHA.. I don’t think my school will like that though. 😦

I’m back. ;)

Hey guys. I’m back. And as usual, I’m here to take up as much time you have as possible. If I could, because I could take a lot if you guys would let me. 

As you know, I’m still thinking about thoughts to write or jot down here. So, it would take some time before anything exciting happens. Don’t get me wrong, there has been A LOT happening lately that includes Tumblr, Twitter and One Direction. But aside from that, nothing else in reality has happened.  

Well, years have passed since I wrote here, and judging by the posts I’ve made years ago, from my perspective, I changed. A LOT. Well, obviously since.. well, I’m growing up. But all in all I’m still the girl who fears of growing up too soon.

As you know, I play the guitar now. It all started with me becoming a fan of Taylor Swift. I adored her. And like any young girl with her impression of her favorite celebrity, I bought EVERY magazine that had her face in it. So, rummaging around a convenient store, I found that she had her own magazine. And obviously, as being the money waster that I am, I bought it without knowing what fate had set upon me. My sister had a guitar which she played from time to time. So when I found the chords in a page of the magazine I got inspired by her story. And yes, I got addicted to playing with the guitar. 🙂

Well.. I’m not going to jot down everything in this single post even if it is so short. Yet, I’m going to unravel all my little stories in different posts (Especially on One Direction).  So I hope you could stay and read my stories as I rant them to you. Enjoy. 🙂 Xxx