Month: October 2011

REWIND – First Day of School 2011

The first day of school is usually a day both loved and feared by students. As a new student, walking through the school gates was somehow, scary and hand-shaking, how was I going to make a first impression? Will they accept me? I was being eaten by my fear. But then, I got to meet a lot of people, and a lot of friends who accepted for who I am. But going back to the day of the orientation, my reaction about my new school seemed a lot more different than it is today. Sitting beside my sister, Annika, and not looking at anybody else, I didn’t know what kind of bond I would have in this school. You see, the only thought I ever had in my head was, “You are never going to adjust with all these people if you are only hiding behind your negativity.” But even if I only got to meet around five people, I felt like I achieved so much.

As I sat there in the end of the classroom minding my own business not caring how I looked or who was looking at me, a girl, wearing a yellow tank top and a pair of jeans smiled at me and ask if the seat beside my sister was taken. As she sat beside my sister, I noticed how similar she looked from my friend back at my old school. “Annika, ask her what is her name.” I whispered to my sister. As she turned to ask her what was her name, I began to think, what could have happened if I didn’t look up and answer her question? I don’t know how God creates his miracles and works, but I suddenly knew that he made me in that position for a purpose. A teacher with her pony tailed entered the classroom and told us to form a line outside to prepare for morning assembly. And that was how the day began.

In my first day of regular classes, I met more classmates of mine. As any normal school, there were introductions and get-to-know-me speeches.