Month: January 2009

Glittered Animals

Check this out!

And these too!

So long……………..

Advertisements is all about photographers and their photo’s you can shoot some pictures and load it into flickr you can also make contact with others. You can also see other people’s photos and see how they picture it so what are you waiting for? go to you can check my photostream my sisters, my dad’s, and mom’s. My dad and mom are great photographers they have some projects like 356 days with Mr.Tumnus. You know who is he? He is my father’s project but broke his golfing arm and his glasses got lost. You know why? Because when my father driving and it was traffic Mr.Tumnus fell down by an accident and now my dad has to sop his 365 days so at least he is starting 365 with me and my sister. Well that’s all!

My New Comfortable Crocs

I have new pairs of crocs the are very cute because i chose the last pairs of Maryjane’s they are light blue and has a big violet flower jibitt on the left most side of the left shoe.It is very comfortable once you get used to it.


Don’t you just adore Maryjane crocs?


My jibitt looks very cute right?


Hi everybody! It’s me in another post I am just wondering if you ever heard of the site: its really fascinating! it’s all about pixies create an account and fly threw pixie hollow its a cool online game! make new friends, chat, buy, and meet Silvermist, Fawn, and Tinkerbell! And play lots of cool games too, do quests and even decorate your own fairy home! It’s all about fairies and their wonderful makebelieve land inside neverland!! Tinkerbell and friends can tell you all about fairy talents and more! is really very safe you know why? On making an account they will be asking your parents e-mail adress and even ask wether you will have speedchat that’s when you can type the letters or enable speadchat that’s when you choose the words form the dialog but of course the number one rule in all kind of online game websites is to NEVER EVER share anything like your home adress where you live your true identity must not be spoken. That is one of the reasons my Tita, Dad, and Mom keeps talking to me and my siser about. Any ways by!


This is the maap it can show you were you are and you know were tinker’s nook is? go to cottonpuff feild and check it out!


This is a place you can stay in and those are how you will look like once you take of to neverland!

A Mischief Question

Check out this question! I made it up myself while i was playing word for word game! To answer post a comment and put your correct answer and I even might give a reply to you and put this and more!

Then i will put a post about the winners in my blog! the deadline is on January 17,2009!

If you were so close to winning but you added another rhino or hippo you get this kind of star and more!

There are 6 hippos and 6 rhinos if 3 hippos went out of the group and 4 came in how many rhinos should you add to make them both equal? This is a simple answer if you get it right see what I will right to you!!

Today is the End of My Birthday

Today is the end of my birthday and youy know what? My tita Magi bought me some cool gifts which i really love! first i got some silver/pink biker sketchers and a Hello Kitty Musical Jewelry box which was my favorite of all You know why? Because i just LIKE no not like i LOVE Hello kitty!!!



Well that’s all my birthday gifts!!!!