Month: August 2008

Card Captor Sakura

At first  my friend hammie and I loved pitchi pitchi pitch but fortunately we love Card Captor Sakura, Sakura is a girl who is in the fourth grade her best friend Tomoyo has long curly blueish hair. Sakura is a cute girl that has amazing powers all because of the clow book. Sakura is a Small girl who has brown short hair that was also cousin’s with Tomoyo too. It happened when Sakura was cleaning her fathers work room then the Clow book glowed when Sakura started reading the first card The Windy a strong wind came and blew all the cards around Tokiyo. When Cebarus the beast of the seal (Or Kero-Chan) woke Sakura was forced to find all the cards or the whole Tokiyo will be in grave danger. With the help of Shaoron, Mei-ling (Shaoron’s cousin ), Kero-Chan, and Tomoyo Sakura will be able to face her fears and save Tokiyo! Watch it soon! 😀

This is Sakura and her trusty Guardian Kero-San!

Tomoyo and Sakura!

Tomoyo loves making out fits for Sakura!And videoing her!

This is Sakura. Card Captor Sakura!

Well I hope I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! Sorry i couldn’t write lots i am so busy on my studies! at least i got good grades!:D



Pitchi pitchi pitch (Mermaid Melody)

Me and my best friend Hammie always watch pitchi pitch pitch! Sometimes when it early in the morning around 6 o’ clock when the school isn’t really filled with many students, we would walk in the high school building and talk about pitchi pitch pitch. I love talking about pitchi pitchi Pitch all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pitchi pitchi pitch!