Month: May 2008

Which of you girls like to play Barbie games? Well i have got this one for you! this is a new kind of barbie game that came out last 2007 it has cool games in it! I haven’t played it yet, because you need to buy a doll that will let go and play games it has it’s own memory stick, formed as an necklace just for you. plug it on your computer and you can go to! simply go to and you can play games meet new friends! enjoy these images too!

this is an example of a girl’s barbie.

this is a flat image of another barbiegirl!

this is how barbie looks like doesn’t she look pretty with those pink strokes of braids?

this is my last image of a barbiegirl!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and looking at these images. Enjoy playing with it too!

bye! 😀


My thirty-one fishes

I have thirty-one fishes. I have ten tiger barbs, ten mickey mouse platys, six tetras, and five red rosy barb. Yup, all thirty-one fishes in one big aquarium. Are aquarium is among 3 feet long for tiny 3 inched fishes (Imagine that!) at first we had two crayfish but sadly one of them named Jacques was eaten alive from the heard of tiger barbs. The other crayfish named Madeline manage not to get eaten alive by the hungry heard of tiger barbs. So what we did was we got are old fish bowl and placed her there safely but sadly it died for no reason…

This is a tiger barb. It seems cute but very playful!:D

This is my sister’s favorite fish. The mickey mouse!:D

This is the tetra .It was small but grew to among 4 inches tall!;)

this is a red rosy barb. it looks ugly on camera but looks very pretty on live. this is my fave.! 😉

Nancy Drew

My tita bought some Nancy Drew computer games. My Tita Magi, my sister and I enjoy playing with them! My favorite Nancy Drew game is Nancy Drew Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon! Do you know why? The Hardy boys are there! And it isn’t so scary.

The game is about a ghosts and a letter from Abe Lincoln that was found in Jake Hurley’s mine on his dead body. There Nancy would have to get trapped and be, betrayed by a young rich woman named Lori Girard who was the one who brought the Hardy boys, Tino Balducci, etc., And that’s where Lori disappears.

This is a wonderful game. instead of your skills use your brain.

this is the caboose

i hope you will enjoy playing Nancy Drew games too! But sleep well… If you play this game…

Hello kitty fan

The most lovable, Cutest, Pinkest creature is back! hello kitty! i love it when hello kitty items are shown on stores and on anything but paper! do just love hello kitty? i am her biggest fan! i have a bag of hello kitty,pencil case, pens,pencils and my very on post of her! i enjoy reading playing and seeing her! i really love her! i even have a hello kitty blanket! i really love hello kitty! i know she is someone you can rely on! look at these posters! look at that pink hello kitty electronic i thought it was a wii but it’s a dvd player! :)) (But i don’t own it!)

My Digital pen

I have a digital pen. And it’s so cool. with it i can groom it feed it play with it on games and even clean it’s droppings! it is a super fun toy. at first my sister owned it then we lost it for among 3 months. When my mom opened her wardrobe it fell off! 🙂 i was happy to see it! My sister gave it to me for no reason! but it is super cool!:D playing with it makes me happy. here is a picture of it:

i love playing with it!

doesn’t it look nice? it’s very cute too!

Mother’s day special

Today is a wonderful break to all mothers! 😉 and i hope they will be able to have an awesome day! All the other boys and girls, give her a  break okay? Anyways it’s their day! 😀 To all the moms hope you enjoy this e -card!

I chose this card because pink is my favorite color!

Runescape an animated game for kids!

Hey boys and girls! are you just like me? your age is 9 and above? then you can go to Runescape! simply go to this website: and play games! but don’t click 13 and below pick an higher age or you can’t join runescape! runescape is a wonderful animated game for kids that are 5 years old and above! pick any world and you can play! but first you have to run the program or you can’t play. second you have to pick low detail for young players. then create your own person! by decoration cool and awesome accessories! then you can have your training! first you would have to listen and read the instructions and talk to the tutors. once you are done  with  your tutors you would have to  begin  your journey!  on Runescape you would defeat  giant rats, trolls, giant spiders,cows, and more! 😀 🙂  then you can meet a ghost!  :-O but a friendly ghost! #:-S. good luck! o:-)

your truly,