Month: March 2008

Humu-Humu Video

I love High School Musical 2 especially the Humu-Humu Song. I can’t wait for the next High School Musical Movie!!


Recognition Day

I AM SO HAPPY! Today I already knew for sure I was a medalist (look at my picture). My dad was very happy that i was one of the medalists.My mom said, “Dad where will we take the kids for dinner?”

“In cafe Laguna” answered Dad.

“Great! so i can show off my medals!” But when we arrived all kids were from St.Mary’s! Now i can’t show-off! 😦 NOOOOO! but at least i got a medal!

I got a bronze medal! On stage with Daddy.

Dear reader,

Writing this post makes me happy because it was my first time to earn a medal and this is my very first day i wrote about my grades in school. now i want to tell y’all to have a nice vacation!

sincerely yours, Angela

Am I one of the medalists?

it was just a simple night of hiding in our beds
from my parents before they arrive.
so as we hid silently, our dad opened the blanket and said
“Gela,Bronze! Nika, Silver!”

but dad wasn’t sure if he was right with all that talk.
just in case, he bought us a new dvd
“Nika! he bought us the Waterhorse!”
it was the happiest night of my life
and to top it off dad and mom got two gifts for each of us.
Annika had 2 Spiderwick books.
i got one green Angel necklace and new happy feet bakya.