Month: January 2008

Christmas with my family

Our family of four (my Dad Mike, my Mom Heidi, my sister Nika and I) always spend Christmas with Lolo Danny, Lola Fely and Tita Magi. Last Christmas my sister and I planned to do something new. We planned to exchange gifts!

We went to have Christmas lunch in Mallberry Suites Hotel. Did I forget to say that Christmas is also my Daddy’s birthday? So we gave him his birthday cake, and after having a terrific lunch we went to the mall. We all wanted to find gifts for our kriskringle!

We separated so we can look for gifts and not show them to the people we picked. Nika and I went with Mom, while Dad went on his way. Lolo, Lola and Tita Magi also went in a different side of the mall. With the help of Mom, I was able to pick the gift for my kriskringle.

We wrapped our gifts and by evening went to our grandparents’ house. We did lots of fun things first. We watched cool movies and sang songs in the karaoke. We had a terrific dinner with lots of delicious food, and our dessert was ice cream and cake. We took pictures and then it was time to exchange gifts.

First Lolo Danny picked Tita Magi. He gave her two thousand pesos so she can get anything she likes. Tita Magi picked my mom and she gave her a pair of shoes. Mom picked my dad and he was so surprised it was her! Mom gave my dad a shirt that he can use in his games. Next my dad told us that he picked my sister Nika and the Prima Crocs she’s wearing was his gift already! Nika picked Lola Fely and gave her a small wallet. Then my grandmother said that she picked me and gave me plenty of clothes inside a paper bag. And I gave my shirt gift to my Lolo Danny. Our exchange gift is a circle heehee!



It was a simple but happy Christmas with my family. And who knew? I never wanted it to end!