Month: December 2007

My pet bunnies

It was my sister’s birthday and we were at the mall.

“Annika! look over here!” I pointed to Pet World. There were 2 bunnies cuddled up together.

Dad said to call the man who is in charge. “Yippee! He’s buying them!” shouted Annika.

Mom named the black one Midnight and the gray one Stardust. Midnight is a girl and Stardust is a boy.

“Annika, now we have 3 pets!” I said. “We have three pets because first there is Coal our dog and the two bunnies. But where in the world will we put it?”

”In the kitchen.” said Mom.

But now we placed the bunnies outside locked in a cage. And Coal thinks they are rats! So we told the house guard to hang the cage so Coal will not reach it. Hee hee.


Christmas Gifts

Pet bunnies, a Bratz doll, a real camera, My Scene doll, a watch and some clothes. All my gifts!! I am in Heaven!

Pet bunnies! Aren’t they cute? A real camera? 2 dolls? A Timex watch? Funky Clothes? Yup all my gifts… Pinch me i am DREAMING!